God the Father

God The Father

What is He?

He is a spirit being - not flesh and blood. John 4:24

He is eternal - uncreated. Psalm 110:2, Genesis 1:1

He is holy. Revelation 4:8, John 17:11

He is good. Psalm 136:1

He is just. Acts 17:31

He is unchanging. Psalm 102:25-27, Isaiah 46:10, Hebrews 6:17, James 1:17

He is wise. Psalm 147:5

He is true. Hebrews 6:18

He is merciful. Exodus 24:6-7

He is faithful - trustworthy. 1 Corinthians 1:9

(Much of the above is not exclusive to the Father.)

Where is He?

He is in heaven seated on His throne. (Spoiler alert: Jesus is at his right hand, interceding - praying - on our behalf. Feels good doesn’t it.) Luke 22:69, Mark 16:19, Romans 8:34

Who is He?

He is the Father part of the Triune God. I do not think that our minds can comprehend the Trinity. I think it is safe to say that there is no earthly explanation of the concept. Things we state as facts about God seem to be mutually exclusive: God is one. God the Father, Son and Spirit. Suffice to say, it is confusing. Moving on.

We call him Father. Why?

Jesus called him Father. Mark 14:36

Jesus told us to call him Father. Mathew 6:9-13

What does it mean for Him to be the Father?

In order to be a Father, one must have a son (or daughter, but in this case son). It is a relational title that requires a counter person, again the Son. The Father did not begat, birth or create the Son. God is unchanging. He has always been a Father/Son/Spirit relationship. The Father did not become the Father. He is the Father.

Mathew 11:27, Genesis 1:26

What does He do?

He is the decision maker for the Trinity. His will is carried out by the Son and the Spirit. Apparently the God-persons do not share a knowledge space - I told you it is confusing. Only the Father knows when he will send the Son back to Earth.

Mathew 24:36, Luke 22:42, John 14:26, John 6:39, John 12:49-50, John 5:19, John 5:30, John 14:31

Discussion Questions

What is your favorite aspect of the Father? Why?

Which aspects of the Father are most difficult for you to believe or understand? Why?

What are some false beliefs about the Father that you see in the secular - non-Christian - world?

To whom should we pray? Why?

Brain Teaser: Hilary’s felicitous paradox: "The Father is the greater without the Son being the lesser."

Austin Lawless

Austin Lawless

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